Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Мой блог наградили!!! огромное спасибо Свете (Dukuu)!!! Очень приятно!!!

1. Answer the following question: "What do you enjoy most about your blog?"
I enjoy having the network to share and see other freebies.
I have never been in a community that shares and is as generous as the digital scrapbooking community.
It's very uplifting. I love to hear comments, and suggestions... and to learn different techniques about scrapping and life in general. I enjoy hearing from the sweet people that follow my blog, and others who come to visit. Thank you for this fun experience!

2. Send this award to 10 other blogs: I wanted to choose some blogs I haven't chosen before,so I was looking at all the people who left comments here over the last several months.
I visited all your blogs, as I have done before when you left the comment, and these are the ones I chose!


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  1. Allochka pozdravlyayu s nagradoi. prodolzhai v tom zhe duhe....